Slides and Flumes

The Extent of resurfacing depends on the condition of the slide. A slide with worn gel coat is easier to resurface than one with cracks, spider webs, or inversions.

Slide Joints are always spanned an made seamless. We will not simply recoat a slide or flume. Eliminating each joint produces a smooth transition between sections and produces less water turbulence for a smoother, faster ride.

What Color slide you want depends on you. You can have white, blue, tan, or even a mixture of colors like an Easter egg. After we apply the final glaze and allow it to harden we then final sand the entire flume for slide safety. Sanding on white or a light color leaves the least marks. Sanding a dark blue or black flume leaves white marks that pick up light reflections.

Is The Surface As Slick as the original slide? No. That's impossible because your slide was made in either a stainless or fiberglass mold that was slick and perfectly smooth, however making the slide seemless compensates for the speed. We're using your slide as a mold and adding fiberglass which means we can't duplicate the original slick look. However, although our surface isn't mirror smooth, it is relatively smooth and fast. We've never had a complaint.

Holes, Cracks, and Inversions are permanently repaired in the resurfacing process. It's often necessary to completely cut out a slide problem area, then rebuild and reshape the glass for an invisible repair. Strength is never sacrificed. Sometimes we've had to add a fiberglass layer to an entire flume to stop excessive flexing and subsequent cracks.

We Don't Gel Coat flumes or slides because it doesn't hold up as well as our armor glaze. Our glaze is more flexible, yet harder and slicker than gel.

We Resurface Concrete as well as fiberglass with complete success. We can also resurface the drop tank at the same time the flume is resurfaced.

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