Our Process:

In the last 16 years we've resurfaced over a hundred slides and here's what we've found:

1. The entire slide should be sanded.

You must have a good base or substrate to successfully resurface the slide. We've seen slides that were washed with acetone or other solvents but that just doesn't get the job done. There's wax, suntan and body oils, chemical residue and airborne products that can only be removed with abrasives.

2. The slide must be walked, flexed and examined for defective areas.

We'll walk the slide to look for weak sections, cracking or spider webbing. Launch areas tend to crack at the edges. We will add as many layers of fiberglass as is necessary to strengthen and secure these areas to prevent any future problems.

3. The joins between sections are sealed and made seamless.

We've developed a multiple layer system that spans and seals each joint. The slide still flexes but is stronger as a unit to eliminate transition bumps and subsequent chipping. This isn't a new idea, ten percent of the slides we resurface were installed seamless by the slide manufacturer.

4. Respray the slide with polyester resin.

We've found that respraying the resin coat replaces what we've sanded off and prepares the surface for the glaze coating.

5. Spray the final glaze coating.

Spray is the key word. Not rolled or brushed on-this is a slide not a kitchen wall. The glaze coating must be an isophthalic polyester not an epoxy or automobile paint. We use the same, or better product that was used by your slide's manufacturer. You can change colors and have any color you want.

6. Finally,

we carefully hand sand every square inch of the resurface slide. Children will be traveling at high speeds and you don't want to take chances with their safety. There's a right and wrong way to do anything. This is the system we use. Our 26 years of fiberglass resurfacing of swimming pools and tanks and 16 years of water slide experience assures you a surface we warranty for 10 years.

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